Sand and Gravel Supplier all of LA County

5 Tons Minimum - Same Day Delivery

DA Transport Inc. has been a reliable and trusted crushed gravel and fill sand delivery company in the Los Angeles area since 1989. 

We are proud to save you time and money with same day delivery directly to your jobsite or residence.

Please take a look at our Products page to view the different types of materials available for your projects.

Whether you need sand and gravel for mixing, filling, or constructing, you need a reliable sand supplier who can deliver your needed products quickly and affordably. DA Transport Inc. can help bring a variety of sand, gravel, and other materials to your construction or job site in the Northridge, CA, and LA County area. 

We Come to You

Instead of using up valuable time hauling sand and gravel yourself, you can rely on us to bring it to you! We often offer same-day Los Angeles crushed gravel and fill sand delivery and always deliver precisely when you need it. We know the importance of sand and gravel as a base for many construction projects - you should never have to wait for a long time to get yours. 

We Have Various Products and Sizes

Your construction project might require crushed bits or full rocks - we have both. If you want to learn more about the varied products we offer, we invite you to visit our products page.

Additionally, we know that your construction needs are different from others, and so we can bring you the required amount you need. Please note that we are not a gravel yard and are a delivery company only, we require a 5 ton minimum. 

We Help With Both Residential and Commercial Customers

 Whether you're a DIYer or a full construction company, you can rely on us to meet your needs. Just let us know what your specific project requires, and we'll gladly deliver to your home, business, or construction site. 

Whatever Los Angeles fill sand or crushed gravel product you need, turn to us at DA Transport Inc. for help. Call us at (818) 402-4432 for your quote today.